A progress report on the creation of a memorial statue in Wiveliscombe to the late great Keith Floyd

....and the mission of a small group to raise the money, in private donations, to make it possible.
Follow the blog posts below to track our progress and take a look at the Proposal for more information about the Keith Floyd Memorial Project and how you could help.


Now the sketch maquette is complete.

This was made using the same process that will be used for the full size sculpture. The 41cm. figure was modelled in clay and from this was taken a plaster of Paris mould. The treated mould was coated with a mixture of polyester resin and bronze powder which was then reinforced with fibreglass. When the resin had cured, the plaster of Paris mould was broken off to reveal the figure inside. The bar/fish slab was made in the same way but using marble dust in the resin instead of bronze powder, giving it the appearance of stone.

A flexible silicone rubber mould will later be taken from the original maquette in order to reproduce it in a limited edition and the sale of these replicas will increase the funding for the full size memorial sculpture.A maquette is not necessarily a perfect miniature of how the final piece will look but can serve as a trial run to identify possible problems. It may also, as in this case, be used for promotional purposes and to help others visualise how the full size piece will appear in three dimensions 



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