A progress report on the creation of a memorial statue in Wiveliscombe to the late great Keith Floyd

....and the mission of a small group to raise the money, in private donations, to make it possible.
Follow the blog posts below to track our progress and take a look at the Proposal for more information about the Keith Floyd Memorial Project and how you could help.

The Proposal

When Keith Floyd died on 14th September 2009 we lost a highly regarded, influential cook and television personality.

A skilled natural cook, Floyd, made a great contribution to the understanding and de-mystifying of good food, cooking and wine - always emphasising the importance of fresh ingredients and local produce.

'…the new young breed of native born British chefs...gradually disabusing the world of the notion that you can’t eat well here.'
Keith Floyd, 'Floyd on Britain and Ireland' 1988.

Floyd’s cavalier approach to TV presentation was seminal at a rather dull period in the history of British cooking and his trail-blazing example facilitated the career of many successful cook-presenters.

It would be a fitting gesture to recognise Floyd’s achievements and his charismatic championing of the enjoyment of food with a commemorative portrait sculpture in Wiveliscombe, the town where he spent his formative years and of which he was very fond.

'Wiveliscombe plays an important part in my life…I am very privileged to have had such a fantastic time.' Keith Floyd, Press release for The Wiveliscombe Book in December 2005.

The proposal is that a life-size figure is modelled in clay, cast in bronze in the traditional (lost wax) fashion and finished with an exquisite patina applied to the surface to create a more interesting and varied colouring.

In addition to the main figure there will be a white marble structure, resembling and with reference to a counter top, bar or fish slab. On and around this stonework will be placed three symbols of Keith’s celebrity and passion: a large fish, a wine glass and a rugby ball, each cast in patinated bronze to contrast with the white stone.

The standing figure will be clothed in the style of Floyd at the height of his TV career and will be in a typical pose, lightly supported by the marble structure.

The sculpture is to be the work of John Alder MA(RCA).