A progress report on the creation of a memorial statue in Wiveliscombe to the late great Keith Floyd

....and the mission of a small group to raise the money, in private donations, to make it possible.
Follow the blog posts below to track our progress and take a look at the Proposal for more information about the Keith Floyd Memorial Project and how you could help.

The Project

The estimated cost of the project is £96,000, which would include a sum for insurance and future maintenance.

The intention is to raise the project funds entirely from private sources, primarily donations from Keith’s former friends and colleagues, and local businesses. The names of all donors will, if they wish, and without disclosing sums, be recorded on a bronze plaque attached to the sculpture.

A Keith Floyd Memorial Project bank account has been set up, with 3 signatories, to administer the donations and ensure that appropriate checks are made on all money movements. This account will be accessible to view by all donors or their agents. Every donation will be recorded in detail and formally receipted with an accompanying letter of acknowledgement and thanks.

'I cooked my first, dare I say, professional meal at Cobhay Farm*…'
Keith Floyd, Baked Stuffed Apple Dumplings from
'This is my Somerset childhood on a plate'.
*Near Wiveliscombe
A steering group has been formed to manage the Keith Floyd Memorial Project and the due process of consultation and permissions from the Parish Council will be followed.

It is planned that consultations and fund raising will start at the beginning of April 2010 and that the statue will be unveiled in the Summer of 2011.

All donors will be invited to attend the unveiling ceremony.